What is Dieting? 

If you think that dieting is all about, “When will I get the desired result?” or “Mujhe result kab mileage?”, then trust me on this, you have failed in the first instance! Initially, you need to understand that dieting is not all about the food you eat or cutting off carbs and fats from your diet. Dieting means consistency and discipline. 

Have you ever heard of the example that, when pulling out the water from the well with the help of a rope? The rope that is rubbed back and forth on the rock has the capacity to create slits in the rock. This is the power of consistency. The rope is soft as compared to the rock, but with persistent effort and patience, it can break the rock. And this is what you need to understand in terms of your dieting as well. And this is what the entire guide is all about 

What is Discipline in Diet?

Your body is designed to gain nutrition through the food you eat. The food contains vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, etc. All these work synergistically to help your body gain strength and grow. Humans need to eat food consistently to meet their body’s requirements. What most people forget is that everything comes with a limit!

As your vehicle has a speed limit beyond which you can’t raise its speed, or the petrol tank has a limit beyond which it can’t be filled, your body does have a dietary limit. Although this limit varies from person to person depending on their physical composition, health, weight, height, etc. Discipline in the diet means you are consuming the right amount of food that your body needs and not crossing the peak limit.

It can account for the time you eat, the number of times you eat, the amount of your food, etc. To maintain the dietary discipline, you must ensure that you won’t cross the threshold limit of your daily food capacity. You can do this by cutting off the munching sessions from your daily schedule. It will limit your diet to three times a day and help you gain consistency.

Sleeping and Food Cycle

Besides maintaining a limited and consistent diet, you also need to focus on some other aspects as well. You need to focus on the time of your sleep and food.

“Sleep, why does it even matter?” It’s evident to have this question in your mind, and here is the answer to this question 

The human body performs different metabolic processes throughout the day. Although, only a few are aware of the fact that some metabolic processes are active as you are asleep. While you are asleep, your body not only digests your food but also helps neutralize the acidic juices that help digest your food. It further helps in a different body and digestive mechanisms, adding more to your health 

And thus, if you are focused on the whereabouts of your health, weight loss, and diet, start with the right sleeping schedule. You can execute the following simple pointers to get your diet on the right track.

1.Fix your waking up and sleeping time and follow it daily. It helps you gain command on your schedule.

2.Do not sleep for more than eight hours a day. It helps you stay active all day and fades away the ghost of laziness.

3.Avoid staying awake at night and getting up late in the morning. It can help get your Mental Clock to align with nature resulting in a more productive self.

4.Wake up at Brahma Muhurta. It is the best time to activate your senses and get your body into action.

5.Keep at least a two-hour gap between your dinner and the nights sleep. It will avoid the risk of indigestion or constipation.

Apart from sleep, you must maintain a fixed schedule of the food you eat throughout the day. Discipline and consistency in your meals are also efficient parts of dieting. Follow the underlying points to get your food cycle in line.

1.Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; never skip it. Always have your breakfast within two hours, you wake up.

2.Keep your Breakfast, and Lunch at least 4 hours to 5 hours apart. On similar lines, keep your Lunch and Dinner 5 hours to 6 hours apart.

3.Fix your meals and the number of meals to have throughout the day depending on your hunger and nutrition needs.

Your body works according to nature and thus following all these points can help you get one step closer to healthy weight loss or dieting. Dieting means allowing your body to digest the proper amount of food and giving it the proper space to digest. Proper, consistent, and disciplined dieting can help you regain the proper body working mechanism and put you back into a slender shape.

Five Elements of the Body

The human body is made of five essential components called “Panch Tattva”. These five elements are Air or Hawa, Water or Paani, Fire or Agni, Earth or Mitti, and Space or Shunya. Everything that the human body processes is obtained from all these elements. All the nutrients that the human body needs are obtained from these elements, and it is where the body comes to an end. 

How to start dieting? – The Right Way!

Don’t force yourself or your body into something that your body can’t sustain. Start slow with small yet consistent steps. For instance, do not restrict yourself from eating something. Eat everything you like, including fats, sugar, carbs, etc. Just limit the amount that you eat every day. Keep it ideal to give you enough strength and nutrition you need.

Next, if you are into any bad habit, don’t stop right away, instead gradually reduce or ween yourself from that habit. It will help your body to adapt to the restriction gradually without creating any imbalance. It’s similar to the detaching habit of breastfeeding.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, your dieting is just the discipline and consistency you follow to keep your body fit and fine. Start with small steps and increase them slowly and gradually. Be persistent with all that you do for your health. Schedule your diet and sleep timings. Don’t force yourself to do something; just start slowly, one step at a time, and when you are ready. Once you are consistent with your routine without worrying about the results, you will achieve what you desire! 


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