What is the need to go completely with Organic food?

We often hear about gardening and cultivation techniques, that are not a healthy practice and make us vulnerable to diseases. The use of artificially synthesized fertilizers, pesticides, or other Genetically Modified Organisms commonly known as GMOs, fall under the category of these unhealthy techniques. The food items produced following these techniques are contemplated to be unsafe and are categorized as Inorganic Food. Besides, Organic Foods are the ones that are produced by not using any of these artificially processed synthesizers. Some of the organic food items are processed foods, fresh products, meat, and dairy. Drinks and frozen meals are also some Organic Food examples.

Do organic foods have health benefits?

After knowing what organic foods are, the next question that pops in your head is what are the benefits of organic foods?

Organic foods are free from chemicals and synthesizers, this implies that they are safer to consume compared to the foods that are chemically treated. To know more benefits of organic foods let’s proceed further.

  • Organic food means fresh food: Preservatives are the reason behind keeping the inorganic food fresh. Being free from pesticides, organic foods are often as fresh as they seem. 
  • Organic food means a better environment: The food being free from chemical fertilizers helps in reducing pollution, promoting healthy water conservation, and improving soil fertility.
  • Organic food means more nutrients: Studies have proven that the nutritional content in organic food is much wealthier than inorganic foods. 

Comparison between organic and inorganic foods!

The benefits of organic foods may seem to be alluring, but there is something more that you must know before you decide to pick your reliable set of proprietary food.

The difference between organic and inorganic foods will give you a clearer idea.

  • Organic Foods are grown with the use of natural fertilizers, while inorganic foods make use of synthetic or chemical fertilizers.
  • Weeds in organic crops are controlled by manual methods like mulching and tilling or using techniques like crop rotation, while inorganic foods make use of chemical herbicides to get rid of weeds.
  • Pest control in organic foods is done by natural methods while inorganic foods use synthetic pesticides.
  • Disease prevention is done by natural methods in organic meat, dairy, and eggs. Besides, antibiotics are used in inorganic foods.

Benefits of Gardening at Home

Gardening is a healthy exercise that promotes the entire well-being of your body. Living in the ambiance of nature proved to be the best therapy to relax your mind, muscles, and bones. Gardening is the best way to experience the richness of healthy foods in your backyard. The unexpected benefit of gardening is increased diet. Gardening has also been a proven measure to give you promising relief from stress and make you happier.

Is organic and natural same thing?

The terms may seem to have the same context and can be used instead of each other, but both gave their own set of similarities and differences.

Organic foods are grown without any artificially processed chemicals or fertilizers. Organic foods make use of manure and other materials to work as fertilizers. Organic poultry and milk products are obtained from the animals fed on natural foods.

On the other hand, Natural foods are free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These do not contain any additives or contaminants in any form.

Dangers of eating organic food

It may seem that organic food is safe but this is not the true picture. As any other aspect has two sides of the same coin, so does organic food. Organic foods are more prone to generation of the common yet dangerous bacteria like E. Coli. These Bacteria are produced in natural manure, which is used in organic farms for the healthy growth of organic foods. These bacteria are found to be extremely dangerous for human health. Also, organic plants produce more toxins than natural ones, which further widen the health risks on humans.

So be toxic-free with organic food. Check out my different posts related to this and get a complete guide of detailed information.


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