Why is it essential to have a clean gut?

Microorganisms are an inseparable part of our lives. There’s always a misunderstanding that microbes are harmful organisms that affect our health. However, it’s just partially true. Our body contains billions of microorganisms in the form of bacteria, viruses, etc., half of which are harmful to us while the other half can fight the hazardous microorganisms.

Our entire body is filled with millions and trillions of microbes, but more than 70% of them lie in our gut. Studies have proven that the microbes in our clean gut contribute significantly to our healthy immune system and ensure the supply of essential nutrients.

What is a clean Gut?

Our clean gut contains 300-500 types of bacteria, which contribute to around 2 million genes. Microbiota is the pairs of these genes with other microorganisms. Every one of us has a different microbiota based on two factors: the mother’s microbiota, i.e., the surroundings at the time of birth, and the second, the clean gut diet and lifestyle implementation.

When the gut’s bacterial balance is disturbed, i.e., an increase of any specific bacteria or extensive decrease can cause an unhealthy or unclean stomach. When the bacterial balance in the gut is maintained, then the stomach is said to be clean.

Adverse Effects of Unhealthy gut on body

Our maximum immunity lies in our gut. The well-being of our body depends on our clean stomach health. Look at the factors that affect your body due to an unhealthy gut.

Bowel issues: All your stomach issues like bloating, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn are due to your poor gut health. These are the immediate effects seen due to an unhealthy gut. A balanced and healthy clean stomach is less likely to have such issues and also reduces the prospects of digestion and waste eliminating issues.

Stress levels: An unhealthy gut will not supply an adequate amount of energy and other nutrients to diverse parts of the body. This can raise the stress levels to a great extent.Increased stress levels can affect your cognitive functions and other physical activities.Stress levels are the main reason that causes reduced cognitive function and can create long-term effects on your thinking abilities.

Weight alterations: If you have observed unexpected weight changes in your body like excessive weight gain or excess weight loss, you might suffer from improper gut health.An unhealthy gut reduces your body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients, control blood sugar, and store carbohydrates. The reasons for weight gain and weight loss are
different but are related to your gut health.

Changes in sleep : Insomnia or poor sleep are significant sleep disturbances caused due to an unhealthy gut. The hormone that regulates sleep and mood,serotonin, is produced in our stomach, and an unhealthy gut affects serotonin levels creating sleep disturbances. This can result in constant fatigue throughout the day and also create sleep impairment in the long term.

Skin Irritation: Poor diet and food allergies can affect gut health. This creates increased leakage of some proteins in our body, which can cause inflammation and irritation—one of the main reasons behind the conditions like eczema.

Food intolerance: An unhealthy gut can affect your digestion of vertical foods. The outcome of this can be bloating, gas, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, etc. The indigestion of the food is due to the poor quality of digestive bacteria in the gut. This creates intolerance to some specific foods, making them difficult to digest.

Keeping up with a healthy and clean gut will resolve all these problems and improve an individual’s overall health. The stomach has a vital role in retaining healthy immunity and fighting back harmful microbes, and preventing them from damaging the internal body functions.

So my personal question to you – “what do you do to clean your gut?” Do you give it a priority or just keep going without showing any concern towards your stomach? Friends, go through the above blog and check out why it is essential to keep your gut clean. Do sign up if you are interested in staying fit and healthy.


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