There’s one mantra that everyone swears by – STAY HYDRATED. With 60% (approx.) of our body being water, humans are walking, talking, breathing water bodies. And this itself underscores the importance of water intake. Majority of our daily functioning of organs and joints is based on water. It is when you’re dehydrated that you start feeling sick / down.  One activity when your body is prone to excessive dehydration is Workout. And hence, I cannot emphasize enough about the need to hydrate when you exercise.

Today, let’s explore this fact in detail to understand it better. 

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Importance of Fiber in your Diet

A whole meal is one which has all the required components in appropriate amount for our body. And it is a well-known fact that the lack on any one nutrient/vitamin/mineral from our diet for a long period of time, causes its deficiency in the body. This leads to further health implications and complications. Each nutrient plays a vital role in our healthy functioning, be it protein, carbs, fats, sugar, or fiber.

Today, let’s talk about Fiber –  an important and much needed nutrient we were all taught about in school but have somehow forgotten as we focused more on the others.

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Importance of Steam and Sauna

Take a look around and you will find all the spas and almost all gyms these days offering steam bath / sauna option. Even in movies we have often seen people taking steams or relaxing in a nice sauna. And in your life too, you’ve always wanted a hot water bath to help you relax and destress you. A hot bath before bed time helps wash away all of the day’s tensions and sleep better. Ever wondered why is that?

It is because heat, in regulated amount, does wonders for the mind, body and skin! And how can you reap the heat benefits often? Simple.

Today, let’s debunk this HEATED UP topic and understand all that there is to know about STEAM BATHS AND SAUNAS.

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