Milk – The Whole Food: Boon or Bane?

Milk – It is the most abundantly available and a thoroughly enjoyed food, consumed worldwide. We’ve all grown up hearing this age old adage of milk being the “complete food”. Many a times, whenever we were hungry as kids, our parents made us a mug of hot chocolate or Bournvita with milk to satisfy our hunger pangs. Even today, as adults, our world revolves around milk – coffee, tea, cereal, milkshakes, yogurt, curd, cheese, etc.

But have you ever stopped and wondered if, what is so widely accepted, is right too? Tickles your brain, isn’t it? Today, let’s explore this “White World” and understand the health benefits and disadvantages of milk better.

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As random as it may sound but yes, there IS an ideal room temperature for workout. As you would know, there are multiple factors that work in tandem to make a workout session successful. Room temperature being one of them. In outdoor workouts, temperature cannot be controlled and since it is natural with more air and usually sunlight, it does the body good.

But it becomes important when it comes to indoor / closed room workouts, such as in gym or fitness studios.

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Physical Exercise for Brain Development and Stimulation

It cannot be emphasised enough that working out help us not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. It is a well-known fact that exercise stimulates the brain and help release dopamine, which is the happy hormone. That is why you must have heard many times that people went for a run or hit the gym because they were feeling low.

But did you know that this is just the tip of the iceberg? Exercising has numerous benefits for the brain development. Today, let’s explore those.

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Understanding Hunger – Mindful Eating

We have found ourselves saying, “I am always hungry” or “I don’t feel hungry at all”. Hunger – this is such a common word that we’ve lived all our lives with and yet, we don’t truly understand the term completely. It is this hunger that makes us eat, not eat or over eat. We’ve heard people tell us, “Eat only till you’re full”. Yet, we tend to stuff ourselves, saying our hunger is insatiable. And end up gaining weight because of the calorie surplus.

Seems like a simple thing, yet we go wrong. Today, let’s understand hunger better to help resort to Mindful Eating for a healthier and fitter body.

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